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All of Aunt Molly's barrel products are made from re-cycled food grade barrels.  These plastic recycled barrels have traveled many thousands of miles, and even though we have thoroughly cleaned them inside and out, and applied several coats of a UV polish, they may still have some small scratches and scrapes.  These scratches and scrapes do not effect the water tight integrity of the rain barrels. This should be considered as part of the "character" of the recycled  rain barrels.  These barrels came into the country from Greece, Spain, Egypt, India and Argentina, filled with olives, peppers, pickles, mixed vegetables and many other exotic food products.   

Aunt Molly has kept these empty barrels out of landfills by turning them into useful products for your homes and gardens.  Although Aunt Molly's rain barrels come in many diffe
rent c
olors,  they are all 
VERY GREEN products.

Go Green, by purchasing recycled products. 


New Barrel Furniture Items


Porcelain sink with polished chrome faucets



Jack Daniels Branded Chess Barrel Table with Bung mounted chess pieces


Stainless Barrel Sink



Wine Tasting Table

Barrel table comes with a 30 inch top and a wrought iron metal stand. Table stands approximately 42 inches tall, perfect for a stand up tasting table.



Half Party Barrel
A half oak whiskey barrel, with a plastic liner,
plumbed to a brass spigot for draining off water,
as more ice is needed.  The Party Barrel sets on a wrought stand, and has rope handles allowing
for easy movement, empty or full.





Custom Engraved

Whiskey Barrel Heads


Coming Soon!



50 to 53 Gallon Rain Barrels



50 Gallon Terra Cotta
with a screw on lid

53 Gallon Terra Cotta
four band with screw on lid



   50 Gallon Terra Cotta with a Snap-On lid 

 50 Gallon Terra Cotta 2 band
with screw on lid


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60 Gallon Rain Barrels


60 Gallon Terra Cotta Four band screw on lid


 60 Gallon Black
with screw on lid



63 Gallon Blue            67 Gallon Blue


About our
Plastic Barrel Products

Our rain barrels have a screw on tops with one inch holes, screen mesh to keep out debris and mosquitoes, three top overflow male hose connections with caps, a nylon spigot, and a bottom drain plug. The overflow fittings allow excess water to be diverted into a second barrel (or third, or fourth etc.), or by attaching hoses, excess water can be diverted to remote areas such as a garden or flower beds. A rain water diverter can also be attached to one of these overflow connections (see below). The nylon spigot is shipped inside the barrel and will need to be screwed onto thepre-installed plastic fitting by the customer. The nylon spigot can be interchanged with the bottom drain plug if desired.



The new Flex Fit Diverter system


Aunt Molly's Flex Fit Diverter will divert rain water from your downspout into your rain barrel, until the rain barrel is full, and then automatically send the rest of the water back through the down spout, or into a second or third rain barrel, and then back through the downspout.


Install your rain barrel in less than 5 minutes using the new Flex Fit diverter system.  



All of Aunt Molly's rain barrels can be installed with a diverter or with a flex elbow
The tops will have no holes when ordered with an Aunt Molly's or Flex Fit diverter Diverter.




Installed with a diverter                               Installed a with flex elbow




2" by 3" Flex elbows come in white and brown


Barrel connectors are about 13"



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White Oak Rain Barrels



 The pitcher pump oak wood rain barrel, shown above was featured in the 

2010 HGTV Green Home



About our

White Oak Barrel

These White Oak Rain Barrels are made from used whiskey and wine barrels.
Each barrel is drilled, screened, and fitted for catching water straight from the downspout of your house, garage or shed. These barrels are designed with three overflow connections, a brass spigot, and a drain plug.
The overflows are designed to fit any standard garden hose making it easier to redirect the overflow to where ever it needs to go.  Each barrel has a 53 gallon capacity. These barrels give your gardening and water catching needs that old-time rustic look and feel.  They are made from real white oak, and the bands are steel.  The barrels are great eye catchers and conversation pieces.  and are available in other products, such as trash collection barrels, party barrels and planters. The barrels are closed system barrels with a 2" by 3" hole cut in the lid for a down spout connection.


Rain Barrel Potting Benches



If you would like to have a rain barrel, but also want a potting bench, now you can have both with one purchase!!!  The Single Rain Barrel potting bench is built with a recycled 53 gallon food grade barrel, and western red cedar.  It is approximately 36" tall, 22" wide and 54" long. The potting bench comes with a recessed potting soil container and lid. The rain barrel connects to the downspout with the Aunt Molly's diverter, also supplied with the potting bench.  With the Aunt Molly's automatic diverter, installed, when your rain barrel is full, the rest of the rain water is directed back thru the down spout. The potting bench can be installed with the rain barrel on the left or on the right.  Plants can be watered from the spigot on the rain barrel. We designed our potting benches and our elevated gardens (coming soon), for the physically challenged men and women, who find it difficult, if not impossible, to work in a garden at ground level.  The height of the benches, and the open area underneath, makes easy access for persons who are confined to wheel chairs.


Single and Double Composters


Aunt Molly's, after several years of research and development,  has finally released their 60 gallon black tumbling composter barrels.  These composters are, by far, the most ruggedly built and most durable composters in the market place today.  The framework of our composters are made from 2 inch by 1/8 inch rolled steel, and has rounded edges so you can move it to different locations on your property without creating gouges and scrapes in your yard. The barrel is made from a recycled food grade barrel that was imported into the US from India.  It came into the country filled with delicious sweet pickles.  Although the barrels have been thoroughly cleaned inside and out, having traveled many thousands of miles, they may still have some small scratches and scrapes.  Although the barrels have a UV treatment built in, we apply two additional coats of a UV treatment to our composters before shipment to our customers.  

Why do we use black barrels?  Black absorbs heat from the sun better than any other color, and as experienced composters know, the hotter the temperature of the contents, the faster the barrels will produce finished compost.   Our composters have a removable screw on lid.  The composters have holes in both the top and the bottom, allowing rain water to enter the barrel and escape, after moistening the contents.  The composters have a metal cross bar in the center of the barrel to break up the contents of the barrel each time it is turned.  Purchase the twin composters and when one has finished compost ready to use, the second batch is on the way.  Put in your "greens and browns",  give the barrels a spin and you will be well on your way to making your own compost, far better than money can buy. 

With the purchase of our tumbling composters, we include FREE the booklet "Home Composting Made Easy" by C Forest McDowell, Phd.,  and Tricia Clark McDowell.  Well over a million copies have been sold.


Recycle Barrels

These Recycling Barrels are made from used food grade barrels.  You can't get much GREENER than that!!  Whether your recycling needs are for paper, plastic bottles, or aluminum cans, each barrel is marked with the designated product to be recycled, and have appropriate size holes cut in the lids.  These barrels are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, with a drain plug in the bottom for easy cleaning, or draining if necessary.  The barrels have screw on lids and can be used with or without plastic trash bags.  Each barrel has a 60 gallon capacity.


Gravity Deer Feeders

Gravity feeders have no batteries to replace, no controls to freeze up and will not waste feed.  When the feed on the ground is consumed, only then does fresh food come out of the feeder holes. The feeders shown above hold approximately 250 lbs. of feed.  They have 3 separate one inch steel reinforced feeding outlets.  The more outlets a feeder has, the more animals and birds it can feed at one time.  These feeders are brown or terra cotta



Go Green, by purchasing recycled



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