Wild Game Gravity Barrel Feeders
Deer Feeders, Turkey Feeders and Hog Feeders

Gravity feeders have no batteries to replace, no controls to freeze up and will not waste feed.  When the feed on the ground is consumed, only then does fresh food come out of the feeder holes. 


All of Aunt Molly's plastic barrel products are made from re-cycled food grade barrels.  These plastic recycled barrels have traveled many thousands of miles, and even though we have thoroughly cleaned them inside and out, and applied several coats of a UV polish, they may still have some small scratches and scrapes. This should be considered as part of the "character" of the recycled barrel products.  These barrels came into the country from Greece, Spain, Egypt, India and Argentina, filled with olives, peppers, pickles, vegetables and many other exotic food products.  
Aunt Molly has kept these empty barrels out of landfills by turning them into useful products for homes and gardens.  Although Aunt Molly's barrel products come in many different colors,
 but they are all VERY GREEN products

Go Green, by purchasing
recycled products


For Pricing, E-mail bretta@evansville.net


The feeders shown above hold approximately 250 lbs. of feed.  They have 3 separate one inch steel reinforced feeding outlets.  The more outlets a feeder has, the more animals and birds it can feed at one time.  These feeders are brown or terra cotta.

For Pricing email bretta@evansville.net

The pictures below are some of our older feeders that are no longer available.

All of the turkeys in the below five pictures are TOMS, (See the beards)





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