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Tumbling Composters


You can't get much "GREENER" than using recycled food grade barrels to recycle your food scraps etc. into "FREE" Homemade Compost



Single Tumbling Composter

Double Tumbling Composter


Our single composter is constructed so you can start with a single composter, if you like, and later add a second add on barrel to make a double composter as shown above.

"Rain Barrels and More", after several years of research and development,  has finally released their 60 gallon black tumbling composter barrels.  These composters are, by far, the most ruggedly built and most durable composters in the market place today.  The framework of our composters are made from 2 inch by 1/8 inch rolled steel, and has rounded edges so you can move it to different locations on your property without creating gouges and scrapes in your yard. The barrel is made from a recycled food grade barrel that was imported into the US from India.  It came into the country filled with delicious sweet pickles.  Although the barrels have been thoroughly cleaned inside and out, having traveled many thousands of miles, they may still have some small scratches and scrapes.  Although the barrels have a UV treatment built in, we apply two additional coats of a UV treatment to our composters before shipment to our customers.  

Why do we use black barrels?  Black absorbs heat from the sun better than any other color, and as experienced composters know, the hotter the temperature of the contents, the faster the barrels will produce finished compost.   Our composters have a removable screw on lid.  The composters have holes in both the top and the bottom, allowing rain water to enter the barrel and escape, after moistening the contents.  The composters have a metal cross bar in the center of the barrel to break up the contents of the barrel each time it is turned.  Purchase the twin composters and when one has finished compost ready to use, the second batch is on the way.  Put in your "greens and browns",  give the barrels a spin and you will be well on your way to making your own compost, far better than money can buy. 

With the purchase of our tumbling composters, we include FREE the booklet "Home Composting Made Easy" by C Forest McDowell, Phd.,  and Tricia Clark McDowell.  Well over a million copies have been sold.

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